Wireline Scratcher

Product Description

Wire Scratcher is a wireline tool used to loosen paraffin accumulation from the inside wall of the tubing.

Normally run while flowing well on a choke, the wire scratcher scrapes the paraffin accumulation, and the loosened wax is then flowed out of the tubing. Several short runs down the tubing and back are recommended for the best results.

Product Specification

Actual O.D. Fishing Neck OD Top Connection Length Product Number
1.000" 1.188" 15/16" UN 18" PIT WS-1500-03-A4S
1.500" 1.188" 15/16" UN 18" PIT WS-1875-03-A4S
1.875" 1.375" 15/16" UN 2 ft PIT WS-1875-05-A4S
2.000" 1.750" 1-1/16" UN 2 ft PIT WS-2125-03-A4S
2.500" 2.313" 1-1/16" UN 5 ft PIT WS-2500-05-A4S