Tubing End Locator

Product Description

Tubing and Locator are Wireline service tools used to determine the depth of either the bottom of the tubing or a break in the tubing. Tubing and Locators consists of a fishing neck and pin thread connection on the upper end, a body, a spring-loaded finger is compressed within the body untill the tool is lowered just past the bottom of the tubing. The finger then rotates outward against the shear pin. As the tool is retrieved, the finger catches on the end of the tubing and registers an increase on the surface weight indicator to indicate the depth. Continued upward pull shear the pin and compressed the finger to permit the tool to be retrieved.

Product Specification

Body O.D. Tubing Sizes Top Connection Fishing Neck O.D. Product Number
2.000" 2-3/8"  & 2-7/8" 1-1/16" UN 1.750" PIT TEL-2000-A4S
2.500" 3-1/2" & 4-1/2" 1-1/16" UN 1.750" PIT TEL-2500-A4S
3.500" 5-1/2" & 7" 1-1/16" UN 2.313" PIT TEL-3500-A4S