Jar Down Bailer Pump

Product Description

The Jar Down Bailer used to remove the Sand, Cement to come up with target.

1. RIH (Run in Hole) the Jar Down Bailer tighten with a standard tool string.
2. Stop 10 m above the designated bailing depth, and take static weight and dynamic pulling weight.
3. Move down slowly and land the Jar Down Bailer on the target, reach the target and jar down to
    shear Crew 3/16" and 1/4" (5 times should be enough).
4. Move down slowly the Piston Rod w/c Knocker to seat at Lower Piston and Jar down to shear the
    Shear Pin 3/16".
5. (2 times should be enough). Is felt enough several times Rod Piston work to go up and descend to
    clean the sand or cement residing in the chamber tube untill the piston rod move clear in the
    chamber tube (means: The Chamber Tube is felt by a cleanness or empty the sand or cement).
6. Pooh (Put out of hole).

Prior to running the Jar Down Bailer check the suction of the Piston Rod install The O-Ring, install the Shaft Rod w/c Knocker to box thread in the PIston Rod and put the Srew, Piston Rod with Shaft Rod put inside to Top Sub. Lower Piston always check install to Double pin sub with shear pin 3/16".

Product Specification

Actual O.D. Fishing Neck OD Top Connection Volume Product Number
2.000" 1.750" 1-1/16" UN 5 Liters PIT JDB-2000-5L-A4S
2.720" 1.750" 1-1/16" UN 6 Liters PIT JDB-2720-6L-A4S
3.750" 2.313" 1-1/16" UN 8 Liters PIT JDB-3750-8L-A4S