Hydrostatic Bailer Pump

Product Description

PITMAN Sand Pump Bailer is used to clean off sand of foreign materials from around a fishing neck of tools. Hydrostatic Bailer is used in situation where pump type Sand Bailer are not effective.

The bailers upper portion consists of a chamber, sealed at atmosphere pressure, with a relief plug at the upper end and a shear piston at the lower end. The piston is secured to its housing with brass shear pins.

When debris has benn reached, downward jarring will shear the pin securing the piston to the housing. Well pressure will cause the piston to move rapidly upwards and the suction created will draw debris into the tool.

Product Specification

Actual O.D. Fishing Neck OD Top Connection Tube Product Number
1.500" 1.188" 15/16" UN 5 ft PIT HBA-1500-000
1.625" 1.375" 15/16" UN 5 ft PIT HBA-1625-000
2.000" 1.750" 1-1/16" UN 5 ft PIT HBA-2000-000
2.313" 1.750" 1-1/16" UN 5 ft PIT HBA-2313-000
2.500" 1.750" 1-1/16" UN 6 ft PIT HBA-2500-000
3.000" 2.313" 1-1/16" UN 6 ft PIT HBA-3000-000
3.500" 2.313" 1-1/16" UN 6 ft PIT HBA-3500-000