GRE Pipe

GRE Pipe

Product Description

Glass - Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Pipe?

GRE is made of Glass - Fiber Reinforced Epoxy developed through the filament winding method of high strength glass - fiber  bound with epoxy resin. Because of the excellent anti-corrosion property, high strength, lightweight, long durability and other merits, it is used as an Advance Composite Material Pipe, in vaious industrial fields of shipbuilding, marines, power plant, chemical and other plant.


Product Features

GRE pipe is produced using the high temperature rational curing procces not only for the excellent mechanical strength, but also for the excellent heat resistance and small heat deformation along with excellent anti-corrosion and anti-chemical properties. Therefore, it can be used semi-permanently to reduce the maintenance cost dramatically and to guarantee a low installation cost from an easy assembling and execution.

Product Specification

              Description                    CSPM16C  (Conductive)       
Pipe Diameter 125A~700A
Temperature 121'C
Service Pressure 16bar
Maximum Test Preasure 64bar
External Preasure 16bar
Joint System Taper/Taper, Quick-lock
Fire Endurance Level-3

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